Kimman Export

More than 130 years of service.
More than 35 years of export.


In the year of 1884, two brothers ‘Gebr. H & F’ of the family Kimman opened the doors in the location of Haarlem, The Netherlands as a Kimman carriage building company. Both with the plan of designing and producing the most exclusive carriages in the country. During their years of service they produced and serviced numbers of their own Kimman carriages, with even the queen of The Netherlands as a satisfied customer. This piece of history is still at the queen’s house to this day.


After years of being past down generations of family members, the second generation in 1919 opened the doors of a cars garage in Haarlem. The third generation, Jos Kimman (1930) later started with the British brands MG, Triumph, Rover, Jaguar and Land Rover.


The year 1980 is when Kimman Im- en Export B.V. history all started. The fourth generation and current owner Joost Kimman (1961), started the export business in the year of 1980. With the focus of fast and personal service, the company set up a worldwide network, and delivered numbers of cars & parts.


Presently, the fifth generation Jim Kimman & Mike Kimman, sons of Joost, have picked up the journey and are currently active in the Kimman Export company. Working with the same believes and focus as their father, they continue to provide the export services worldwide.


Besides the Kimman Export company, Kimman is also an official dealership for Jaguar Land Rover for the North of the Netherlands. Located in the the capital : Amsterdam, and sub capital Haarlem. And also known as the oldest existing Jaguar and Land Rover agency. The company Kimman Export exists of two services ; cars and parts. Jim Kimman handling the cars, in co-operation with a specialized spare-parts team. Our daily strives are fast and reliable service. In the hope and confidence that you as interested reader to be one of the new satisfied customer of our story.

Spare Parts

Kimman Export also exists of a tax-free spare parts department. A specialized group working for you on inquiries and logistics. Being a Jaguar Land Rover dealer, we deliver all 1:1 original quality spare parts directly from the factory. We can even advise you the best shipping solution to every inquiry.


You are very welcome to visit us at any time. Kimman is located at two locations. One being in the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. And another location in the subcapital Haarlem. Both locations are just 15-20 minutes away from Schiphol Airport, and just 2 hours away from the Rotterdam port.

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